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Our teachers by specialty

Our Teaching Faculty

How we hire and keep the very best teachers

  1. The Salzburg Institute compensates teachers based on experience or years of service.
  2. BUT with regular evaluations for maintaining excellence, effectiveness, retention and student satisfaction.. 
  3. All teachers are routinely  evaluated by more senior, experienced and proven effective teachers.
  4. An evaluation below 90%  effectiveness or a drop-out  rate of more than 10% means the teacher is no longer able to teach with the Institute. 
  5. This is the sole criteria for what teachers are paid and what students pay. 
  6. The better the teacher, the more a student pays. You pay for what you receive.

Our Bursary Fund awards bursaries to subsidize 54% of all students’ fees.

The level of our teachers’ effectiveness and engagement is substantially higher than that of other schools;

89% of our students have been with their teacher for over 14 years;

Learning music is a life long, endless pursuit. While many students begin in order to achieve a specific goal, most continue indefinitely

They want to expand their musical knowledge, skill, sophistication and friendship with their teacher.

This speaks to the level of friendship and respect students and teachers sharer;

Many of our senior teachers have student-friendships lasting over 30 years;

Our  34 year average retention rate is just over 96%;

Our teachers listed by specialty


Violin: Victor Frances, Paul Frank, Ian Kapler, David Neale


Viola: Margie Coxlet


Violoncello: David Neale, Peter Winship

Double Bass

Double Bass & Cello: Edward Mavis, , Hillary Robb



Classical: Edward Mavis, David Neale, Hillary Robb; Acoustic: Electric


Flute: Marianne Task, Jenifer Kolen David Neale


Clarinet: Marianne Task, Daniel Markow, David Neale

Saxophone: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone

Saxophone: Daniel Markow, David Neale

Bassoon: Barry Hatfield, David Muskie

French Horn

Jerry Ashe Julia Haler David Neale.



Trumpet: Gerald GonzalezDavid Neale, Florence Kapek


Trombone: Benny Bolaten, bass trombone Nigel Harrison


Tuba: David Neale, Paula Tomkin


Piano: Jonathon Banner, Cary Fish, Sarah Lipen,  Roberta Macen, David Neale,  Edward Soloway, Inie Harwotz


Organ: Arnold Moss


Harp: Edward Haney


Vocal Studies: Wayne Capro, Robert Chandos, William Comes, Arnold Kell, Mark Martin, David Neale


Percussion: Ronald House, Seymor Harner


Elements of Conducting: David Neale 

Composition & Theory

Composition and  Theory: Judy Hogan, Donald Happen, David Neale, Coordinator

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