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The School

The School


Our Mission

…to create teacher-student relationships that cultivate the highest order of achievement and enjoyment in all aspects of music and  to establish a foundation for lifelong student growth, and to offer pleasurable self-interest programs and exam preparation to students of all ages and levels that are tradition based but future oriented. Our teachers strive to be inspiring as well as musical and intellectual leaders. Further, we endeavor to expand the opportunities available to all students and to enhance the quality of our community’s musical life.


The Mental Benefit

An important benefit of taking music lessons is the development of mental health. When students begin to play a musical instrument, different areas of the brain are stimulated. Instruments require a student to coordinate multiple parts of the body for the proper execution of one complicated task. Playing an instrument requires a student to read notes while moving fingers very precisely. As all pieces and musical tones are played differently, learning an instrument sharpens the brain as each hand receives different instructions from multiple parts of the brain simultaneously.

The Physical Benefit

Nothing soothes the mind better than music especially classical music. When students begin to play an instrument, they are better able to express their emotions through performance/practice. Playing out emotions through an instrument helps relieve stress in the mind and the body while achieving a state of healthy relaxation. Once students begin to play, we  witness an increase in self-confidence coupled with a sense of accomplishment which  raises morale and self-esteem.

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