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The School

The School


Our Mission

…to create teacher-student relationships that cultivate the highest order of achievement and enjoyment in all aspects of music and  to establish a foundation for lifelong student growth, and to offer pleasurable self-interest programs and exam preparation to students of all ages and levels that are tradition based but future oriented. Our teachers strive to be inspiring as well as musical and intellectual leaders. Further, we endeavor to expand the opportunities available to all students and to enhance the quality of our community’s musical life.


The Mental Benefit

An important benefit of taking music lessons is the development of mental health. When students begin to play a musical instrument, different areas of the brain are stimulated. Instruments require a student to coordinate multiple parts of the body for the proper execution of one complicated task. Playing an instrument requires a student to read notes while moving fingers very precisely. As all pieces and musical tones are played differently, learning an instrument sharpens the brain as each hand receives different instructions from multiple parts of the brain simultaneously.

The Physical Benefit

Nothing soothes the mind better than music especially classical music. When students begin to play an instrument, they are better able to express their emotions through performance/practice. Playing out emotions through an instrument helps relieve stress in the mind and the body while achieving a state of healthy relaxation. Once students begin to play, we  witness an increase in self-confidence coupled with a sense of accomplishment which  raises morale and self-esteem.

Our Directors

Professor David G. Neale, Managing Director    

Office: 416-975-0111

Mobile: 416-302-9806.

I want to welcome you to the Canadian website of the Salzburg Institutes of Music. I’m very proud of the good work our teachers and staff have done to establish the Institute as the premier provider of quality in home music instruction. Since our establishment in Canada in 1985, more than 10,000 students have had the benefit and I believe the pleasure of learning from our very dedicated teachers.

I think our success is due to our philosophy of student centeredness, our fee structure and teacher evaluation process. Unlike many institutions, our programs and methods of delivery were not created for the convenience of our administrative and teaching staff or ease of implementation. They were created to provide every student the finest programs given by the finest teachers. As a result, The Institute is unique among similar organizations with………………………………………………………………….

a retention rate of 96%

…before program completion; a credit to the personable qualities and professional abilities of our teachers and staff. With respect to credentials, all our teachers have the the required academic preparation:  a minimum of one university music degree or established conservatory teaching diploma and professional teacher training.  

I invite you to explore our website with a critical frame of mind. Please return to the OUR SCHOOL page and follow the link that will show you all of the extras the Institute provides for every student. We exist only to serve our students in a convenient, straightforward way while providing the highest quality of instruction tailored to each individual student. Our staff is employed for the sole purpose of facilitating this endeavour and answering any and all questions or concerns you may have. If you prefer, do not hesitate to email or call me directly.

Thank you and good learning.

Professor Neale has been with The Salzburg Institute for over 30 years. Holding doctoral degrees in music and economics as well a chartered accountancy, he became associated with The Institute while studying in Vienna. Previously, he was the founding principal of the Canadian Investment Institute research into time series analysis used to develop a better understanding of the capital market pricing model. A far cry from music.

In 1985, he decided to pursue his artistic side and was selected to establish the infrastructure for the North American satellite of the Salzburg Institute, Austria. Since then, the school has grown to over 2000 students and 140 teachers. A  published researcher and performing musician, Professor Neale is a frequent lecturer in econometrics and music but still finds time to his first love, teaching.

Johnathon Turner, Ph.D. – Regional Director

Let me add my welcome to that of our Managing Director Since 1985, we have strived to provide the very finest in-home music education to our students through our associate schools and representatives throughout North America.

Our teachers are among the most qualified in their respective fields. Our retention rate is 96% since coming to Canada, is a statistic of which few similar organizations can boast. I believe our success is due entirely to the qualifications, experience and selfless dedication of our teaching and administrative staff. Our modest Bursary Fund  from our parent school in Austria ensures all students receive 54% off their tuition and that no student is denied lessons for financial reasons. It is our mission to provide the highest quality instruction regardless of the economic resources of our students.

With my most heartfelt welcome, I encourage you to explore our website. I am sure you will find exactly what you want from our numerous programs and lessons.

Thank you and good learning.


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