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Explore the lessons we offer

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…COMPLIMENTARY first lesson and assessment;

…UNLIMITED MUSIC of any style and genre: classical, jazz, popular, blues, sacred and Taylor Swift to Royal Conservatory

…EXAM PREPARATION for The Royal Conservatory of Toronto as well as the other major music schools of North America and Europe;

…EXAM FEES for The Royal Conservatory of Toronto

…ALL theory subjects;

…UNLIMITED access to our listening database:

UNLIMITED consultations with your teacher between lessons;

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UNLIMITED access to our substantial video library covering numerous topics related to music lessons and music in general.

Piano, Organ, Keyboard and Harpsichord (Voice)

Jonathan Banner

Department Head – Keyboard Instruments (Piano)

Piano: Jonathon Banner, Cary Fish, Sarah Lipen,  Roberta Macen, David Neale,  Edward Soloway, Inie Harwotz

Vocal Studies: Wayne Capro, Robert Chandos, William Comes, Arnold Kell, Mark Martin, David Neale

Harp: Edward Haney

Jonathon Banner

Department Head – Keyboards


Guitar - classical, acoustic, electric and bass

Terrence Jacobs

Department Head – Guitars

Classical Guitar Edna Lewis, Hugh Spencer, Neal Williamson, Jean Hodge

Electric GuitarTerrence Jacobs, Eileen Burns, Eduardo Castro, Deanna Sherman, Laurie Barton, Kellie Park

Steel String Acoustic GuitarTerrence Jacobs, Wilbur Moore, Keith Wilkerson, Ron Jones, Mildred Mccormick


Strings - violin, viola, cello and double bass

Edward Branigan

Department Head – String Instruments (Violin) 

Violin: Edward Branigan, Victor Frances, Paul Frank, Ian Kapler, David Neale

Viola: Edward Branigan, Margie Coxlet, David Neale

Violoncello: David Neale, Peter Winship

Double Bass & Cello: Edward Mavis, David Neale, Hillary Robb


Double Bass & Cello: Edward xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Woodwinds - flute, clarinet, saxophone and french horn

Marianne Task, Associate Professor

Department Head – Woodwind Instruments

Flute: Marianne Task, Jenifer Kolen David Neale

Clarinet: Marianne Task, Daniel Markow, David Neale

Saxophone: Daniel Markow, David Neale

Bassoon: Barry Hatfield, David Muskie, David Neale

French Horn: Julia Walsh, Elmer McCarthy, Claudia Perez



Trumpet: Gerald GonzalezDavid Neale, Florence Kapek

Trombone: Benny Bolaten, bass trombone Nigel Harrison David Neale

Tuba and Baritone (Euphonium): David Neale, Paula Tomkin

Brass - trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba

Gerald Gonzalez ,  Associate Professor

Department Head – Brass Instruments


Percussion: Charles Cheaver, Ronald House, Seymor Harner, David Neale

Charles Cheaver,  Assistant Professor

 Department Head – Percussion

Composition & Theory

James Chang Ph.D.

 Department Head – Music Theory

Rudiments of Theory:  Sara Alvarado,  Nora Burke,  Kerry Fitzgerald,  Deborah Morgan

Rudiments of Theory & History:  Wade Bryant,  Miguel Ray,  Enrique Phelps, Elsie Santos

Music History:  Sammy Rios, Yolanda Delgado, Clifton Wheeler, Sergio Palmer, David Neale

Harmony, Counterpoint & Analysis: James Chang, George Osborne, Wendell Warren, Beatrice Owen, Verna Black, David Neale

Orchestration & Analysis: James Chang, Elena  Gonzalez, Blake Schneider, Stewart Meyer, Loren Martin, David Neale

Composition: Judy Hogan, Donald Happen, David Neale, Coordinator

Elements of Conducting: David Neale